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Hear The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers, Live-Streamed from Cape Cod!


The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers

Aug 22nd – 8:00pm

Cape Cod Community Media Center

17 Shadhole Road, Dennis Port, MA


Home is Where the Heart Is


The Washington County Whiskey Rebellion Festival once again proved that home is where the heart is. After a 3 day jaunt to Lexington, KY and Cincinnati, OH, we returned home for our favorite local show of the year.

It was an honor to be at The Rebellion, and an honor to get to open for The Black Lillies again. This marks our fifth time at this hidden treasure of a festival here in our little corner of the state. It’s such a treat to see this festival grow year to year. We have been honored to open for Mike Compton and Joe Newberry, Craig Wayne Boyd (winner of The Voice), The SteelDrivers, and The Felice Brothers in previous years.

Lee Stivers works tirelessly to coordinate this show and bring bands in. The Whiskey Rebellion is such a wonderful event in our county, and it’s been so great to work with her and these fine folks over the years. They gave us our first “cool” show, what seems like many moons ago now. They have helped us promote our band in so many ways. We are so thankful.

IMG_0351We are also SO THANKFUL to all our fans who come out for this special local event. To walk on stage after hours in the car and look out at the audience assembled for us and see hundreds of faces we know, really made us feel great to be back home this weekend. Thanks to everyone, we really appreciate it and we will continue to work hard to make Washington County proud to have us!!

Find out more about the Whiskey Rebellion Festival and like them on FaceBook!

The Tour of Brotherhood

11113183_10206752147072641_3675023076088980420_nI dub this week The Tour of Brotherhood..

Wednesday we left for Rochester, NY with two days’ rest from out 5 days in North Carolina. We were greeted with cooler temperatures and yet equally warm hearts.

In New York we stayed on Keuka Lake, one of the Finger Lakes (the middle one :)) with Ed’s mom’s former boss, a man who wrote Children’s books (the pop up kind), and had us for breakfast on his lake front patio. The lake was only ten feet away. The food and the view were impeccable.

In Syracuse we met Chris James and The Mama G Band, who brought it hard and true. Super cool people, super cool band, super cool time at Funk-n-Waffles. Looking to be back there later this summer. This venue had the coolest food, gourmet waffles. They were incredible.

Then Smoked Country Jam…We drove 2.5 hours through the center of NY and Central PA to Cross Fork. Smoked Country Jam is a special event for so many reasons. It’s intensions are angelic (Lupus Fundraiser). It’s basically in heaven. It’s just beautiful there. It is also a place that loves music, with great bands, and great people. It’s all of our friends.

Trae Buckner and I did the guitar workshop again, Libby gave the fiddle workshop, Mitch wore no shoes…the whole time…

We got to see and listen to and hang out and pick tunes with the guys from Drymill Road, Colebrook Road, The Hillbilly Gypsies, Grand Ole Ditch, Stewed Mulligan, and so many more old and new friends.  Jesse Eisenbise, let me play his Collings and I, in turn, offered up my Gibson. Always nice to hear a great picker play your favorite guitar.
We jammed for hours into the wee with Robert MabeSean LoomisDouglas Ross and Dave, hopefully the Family Campers weren’t upset. Ron Kodish makes this all possible, and we all love him for it.

The Mid Ohio Multi-Cultural Fest today was great. Parkersburg made us feel right at home.

We live in a van, it’s home. Without it there would be nothing. It brings us to see our friends, old and new. We see the world through it’s eyes. We are thankful for it, it just took a little Fixin’. We call it “Lemon Blue.” We are so happy it brings us to see you.

North Carolina is just awesome

June 15, 2015. I just had, by far, the best time I have ever had playing music. North Carolina is just awesome. It’s a place I have never really spent any time, and now it’s a place where I would love to spend a lot of my time.

In our travels, we see so many things. We couldn’t even begin to tell you all of the stories, because it is constant. It’s a hard thing to do, travel and play music. The experience and stimulation are constant and ever changing. Your world is constantly changing and in the course of two hours it’s possible to exist in two completely different cultures, different mindsets, and different attitudes. Many times, we are under a strict schedule, with very little time for error or delay. In the middle of all this craziness, we then have to compose ourselves, focus and then play music as hard and well as we can in front of people we don’t usually know. It’s intense, and it can be incredible. Gary Antol