NEW T-SHIRT PRE-SALE!!! Get your new JF...

21st May 2019

NEW T-SHIRT PRE-SALE!!! Get your new JFS t-shirt today! Check out the new “the straggle is real” design! This will be available in both men’s and women’s versions—there are two different options in the store! Expect delivery in 2-3 weeks! Follow this link and get yours today!

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Poison River

“Poison River”, $15!


The Jakob's Ferry Straggler Salve

It's good for everything! Skin, wood, and your soul!


#TheStraggleIsReal 4x2 Sticker

Made for our Stragglers, #TheStraggleIsReal 4x2 Sticker is a great for bumpers and laptops alike!


PR+WLR+TLC Bundle!

All 3 JFS Albums for $35!


PR+TLC Bundle!

JFS's First + Latest Album for $25!


PR+WLR Bundle!

JFS's Second + Latest Album for $25!


TLC+WLR Bundle!

JFS's 1st + 2nd Album for $25!


The Lane Change

Our 1st album, “The Lane Change”


White Lightning Road

Get our latest album, “White Lightning Road”, $15 + Shipping