Better call it a sackwhack...

10th February 2015

Beaumont Butler's Blues
Gary Antol

We love music from the 1930's. It's amazing how much bounce and happiness there was in much of it considering the social and economic strife present in that part of history. On road trips, Pokey LaFarge spends a lot of time singing at us through the van speakers. It's beautiful music.

In the interest of brevity, we will keep this blog post short and sweet. This one is a story of two guys, fighting the same cause, who found themselves entangled, but have never met.

A weed is a weed and a rag is a rag,
a hawk is a bird and fighting is bad.
Noting is worse than seeing the world alone....

…..that sums it up.

This song is a ton of fun to play. We managed to go from the key of A to the key of F, and play the old fiddle tune, “The Beaumont Rag” in the process.