4th February 2015

by: Gary Antol

It's a well known scientific hypothesis that meteor or comet impacts have caused massive extinctions in Earth's past history. This song was inspired by a life event of mine that forced us to change our band name.

“A stranger with a cannon somewhere further down the road, turns the land into a crater where you used to build your home.”

These things happen in life. I'm sure that we all have experienced that day where we wake up and something has happened that changes our perspective on life. It may news of a death, it may be news of a job or a job loss. Life happens to all of us, and the one thing we can be sure of is that we almost never see it coming. My personal comet impact was made unsolvable by one simple factor: economics. The problem that I was facing was simply an issue of money and the inability to raise what I would need to combat it. Junior, the character in the song, is just me. I am proud to share a name with dad, he is the hardest working person I've ever seen. But, even for all of his hard work, I am certain that he found himself in situations in life that had to go a certain way simply because of the money aspect of things.
We have all experienced this to some degree, I imagine. While we may want to drive a Bentley, we can afford a Cavalier and that's the simple truth of life. Unfortunately, we exist in a world that isn't free. As members of society, we are expected to produce and generate income, but that society has a way of taking our work away from us from time to time. I have saved money for things in the past, only to find that when I finally have what I needed, I need new tires, or my brakes need to be replaced, or any countless number of other things will interfere with my plans and what I had saved was instantly vaporized because life's necessities called for it. What's the use of saving money for vacation, if your car won't get you to the airport? What's the use of buying a tablet to write in if you can't afford the pen? Some give up, others balk at opportunities, and some keep plowing forward, never letting these facts of life hold them down.
The most important advice my father ever gave me was to not give up....ever. He always quoted “If you build it, they will come.” He also stressed the “IF YOU...” part of that. Hard work and determination will get us farther down the road than anything and he always said “Hard work is easy to find.” Life is a hard task and it's all around us and we have to live it until we die.
So, we live an abandoned life on the road....tied down and free at once, and we have to be able to let go of the things we love when if the time comes, accept them for how wonderful they were, and build something new if need be.