”This old time/bluegrass style quartet’s 2015 CD entitled ‘The Lane Change’ provides a much appreciated lift of fresh and thoroughly engaging music..a band that could literally rock a dance tent with nonstop energy.” Mark Panfil,
“The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers are a daring and talented young bunch, and I can only hope that the manage to reach out and unite the bluegrass and old-time communities as easily as their music does.” Bluegrass Unlimited, June 2015.
“Western Pennsylvania has a strong bluegrass and old-time music was built by men and women who worked. Following that tradition, the Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers are a working band...They never stand still, traveling and playing, every mile another experience to turn into a song...In the end it is their music that will tell the story...will touch that part of your heart that loves good songs well played, and good stories well told. That’s hard work...even if they make it look easy…” Bruce Mountjoy, WYEP 91.3 Pittsburgh
“...flat out one of the best bluegrass albums released this year (White Lightning Road).” Appalachian Jamwhich